Blayde began dancing at Top Hat Dance Centre at age fourteen, to improve his speed, flexibility, strength and agility in athletics. Blayde was a charter member of the “Gotta Dance!” Company at THDCI, and performed for corporate events, both with “Gotta Dance!” and with “Incredible Productions” of Dallas. Prior to being chosen for the Tremaine/Sleight Dance Scholarship Intensive in Los Angeles from 1990-1992, Blayde had also attended the Dallas Arts Magnet High School to further his study of the art of dance. During his years living in Los Angeles, he also studied acting and music.

Blayde has trained with some of the premier teachers and choreographers in Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York City. Outside of THDCI, Blayde has worked extensively with Jackie Sleight, Joe Tremaine, Doug Caldwell, Michael Rooney and Liz Imperio, as well as Tony Coppola, Jim Taylor, Sallie Whalen, Jonette Swider and Melinda Cordell.

Blayde has performed in numerous commercials, industrials, and music videos throughout the country. He’s enjoyed dancing alongside musical artists both in live performances and music videos including Carrie Underwood and Gloria Estefan. His commercials and industrials included such companies as American Airlines, Sonic, McDonald’s, Jams and Jeans West to name a few.

During his years away from Dallas, Blayde regularly returned to THDCI as a guest teacher. He has also been a guest teacher for numerous dance studios around the country. Blayde has worked nationally with Tremaine Dance Conventions and L.A. Underground Dance Conventions, as well as with Starlight and Odyssey as both a judge and director for their dance competitions. In 2002, Blayde trained with StottPilates in Dallas in order to expand his knowledge of strengthening and conditioning dancers of all levels.

In August 2004, Blayde moved back to Dallas with his wife, Alexis, and son, Bostyn. In July 2005, they welcomed their second son, Ayden, into the Top Hat family.  Since his return, his choreography has taken multiple high-point and “Best-of-Show”awards at several national competitions.  He also coaches both of his boys' baseball teams in Highland Village, Tx.  

Blayde Burris

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