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Q:  What if my child is not in Company?

A:  If a child does not want to be in Company, it will not affect their development as a dancer at Top Hat. All students, regardless of their participation in a dance company, are placed within their appropriate skill level.  Top Hat does not segregate non-company dancers.  In addition, all of our students are allowed to attend dance conventions, master classes, etc. that are available to their skill level.

Q:  What forms of payment does Top Hat accept?

A:  Top Hat accepts cash, check, Mastercard, Visa and Debit.

Q:  Can I register and/or make payments online?

A:  We do not offer any online registration or payments.  Registration and payments must be completed by a Director or office staff during business hours.  However, we will take credit card payments over the phone if requested.

Q:  My child was in Company at his/her former studio.  Will he/she be in Company at Top Hat too?

A:  There is no guarantee on Company placement.  The staff at Top Hat chooses Company members from the classroom.  Invitations to Companies are issued in August for the upcoming year.  Top Hat requires that any students interested in Company enroll in our Summer Program.

Q:  How much do dance lessons cost at Top Hat?

A:  Top Hat’s pricing structure revolves monthly and depends upon the amount of hours the child takes dance classes per week.  For children who wish to take more classes, Top Hat offers an unlimited class program as well.

Q:  Does Top Hat offer any incentives or discounts on tuition?

A:  Yes, Top Hat offers both discounts and incentives! “Hats Off To You” is an incentive program for enrolled students who bring in friends to Top Hat Dance Centre. Top Hat also offers discounts to multiple children enrolled from the same family, as well as full semester discounts.

Q:  What if my child must miss a class, can I get a refund for that class?

A:  Top Hat offers make up classes to students who must miss class. We do not refund tuition paid for missed classes.

Q: How many performance opportunities will my child have at Top Hat?

A:  Each year in June, Top Hat has an end of the year performance for all students to perform.  It is an incredible opportunity to perform at a professional theater with a full stage including scenery and lighting.  The attendance is usually in the thousands.  If a child is in Company, there are more performance opportunities throughout the year at business conventions, community events, national dance competitions, etc .

Q:  My child only wants to take ballet, is that ok?

A:  Yes.  Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance, so Top Hat does allow a student to only take ballet.

Q:  My child only wants to take jazz, is that ok?

A:  No.  Top Hat requires all students enrolled in monthly classes to include ballet in their training.  Some classes have ballet scheduled into their weekly class, while other students take a separate weekly ballet class.

Q:  My child doesn’t know if he/she wants to dance.  Is there a cost to take one class to just try it out?

A:  Top Hat offers a trial class for evaluation by both parties.  This gives the family the chance to see if we are the right choice for them, as well as the staff a chance to watch your child and decide which class would be best suited for him/her to excel.  If you decide not to enroll at Top Hat, there is no charge for this class.  If you find that we are the right choice and you register, then the class is treated as your first lesson.

Q:  Can I watch my child when he/she is taking class?

A:  Yes.  Every classroom has a viewing window.  However, we do not allow parents, siblings, friends, etc. to enter the classroom to observe.

Q:  I don’t want my child to be pressured into being a professional dancer.  Can he/she take classes just for fun?

A:  Absolutely.  Top Hat will not pressure your child to be on a professional track.  First and foremost, we want dance to be fun.  Please know that when our staff sees talent, we will let parents know that their child has the ability to use dance as a stepping-stone for college scholarships or a career.

Q:  My child has never taken dance before, but is a teenager.  Will he/she be able to be in a beginner class with children his/her own age?

A:  Yes.  We have a larger enrollment than most of the other studios in the area.  This enables us to offer more opportunities for all levels of dancers in all age groups.

Q:  Our family is moving into the area and our child wants to continue his/her dance training.  How does Top Hat ease his/her transition?

A:  First, Top Hat always gives a friendly welcome to all of our guests.  Second, we will evaluate your child to make sure his/her experience with us is comfortable, challenging and rewarding.  We will spend as much time as possible to achieve this.

Q:  What is the average class size, or student to instructor ratio?

A:  All class levels have different class sizes.  Beginning classes are kept smaller so that the student receives more personal attention and corrections.  Assistant teachers and student demonstrators are present to insure classroom efficiency .

As children get more advanced, classes get larger and more challenging with a faster pace enhancing the energy and experience.

Q:  Why is there no schedule listed on the website?

A:  Directors and instructors place each child individually by age and skill level into a class (or classes) that provides the best learning environment for the dancer and most closely fits each family’s schedule.  There are seven classrooms and there are several skill levels from which to choose in each age group.  We want the dancer to be effectively challenged, but still able to progress at a comfortable level of training.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your  child’s situation.  Please note, each dancer is re-evaluated during the summer for the next season’s class placement.


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