2. Class Placement and Class Size

THDCI prides itself on paying close attention to appropriate class placement for each individual student, considering both age and skill level.  This process is paramount to help a student learn, excel, and enjoy dancing.  At our studio, each age group has several distinct class levels, which ensures that a beginner of any age would be placed in a class with other students of comparable age and experience. THDCI instructors carefully evaluate all dancers, each year, in order to continue to ensure all students are placed to most benefit them.  For this reason, you will typically not see a full published schedule of classes on our web site. We would rather discuss the opportunities for your child on an individual basis.

It is also important to have appropriate teacher-student ratios, in particular for beginning class levels. Assistant teachers and/or student demonstrators are utilized, as needed.  The Directors regularly monitor all classes to ensure that we meet this delicate balance.

1. Syllabus

At THDCI, our progressive syllabus has been tried, tested and proven throughout our more than 45-year history. We also continue to evolve our syllabus to stay contemporary.  We include the fundamentals of dance technique along with creative choreography to help a dancer's balance, flexibility, agility, musicality, grace, and strength. We begin teaching correct dance technique in the very first class, whether the student is three years old or thirteen.

Why Us?

7. Faculty

At THDCI, we are very selective in choosing our faculty.  We thoughtfully seek out qualified instructors who are enthusiastic about training dancers.  We believe our teachers must be both patient and firm, while maintaining positive energy and keeping the attention of the class. Most THDCI instructors are university educated and/or seasoned professionals, and many have also gone through THDCI’s dance program themselves.  Our younger teachers have been hand-picked by the Directors to complete a several year Internship Program in order to become well versed in THDCI’s syllabus, as well as how to be a positive, constructive and creative teacher for our students.

5. Opportunities to perform

At THDCI, our end-of-the-year show is just that…a show! It is held at a proscenium theater with a full stage, creative sets, professional lighting, sound, and video. Not only do the kids get a great chance to perform, but they also learn theater etiquette. THDCI packs the house! The applause is majestic - a real payoff after a year of hard work!!  All of our dancers (and parents) look forward to this show more than any other performance during the year!

THDCI also offers other chances to perform outside of the big season finale show.  We have dance companies that perform at community and corporate events, as well as national dance competitions and conventions that come to the Dallas area. These are all opportunities for the kids to learn choreography and perform on stage in a variety of different situations.

3. Customer Service

At THDCI, our front desk is staffed with knowledgeable and helpful employees during posted office hours. They are a huge asset and will help facilitate getting your questions or concerns answered. During off-hours, phone messages are retrieved regularly and you can always contact any of the Directors through their personal email addresses, or by emailing us here. 

​Dance Classes in Flower Mound 75028 Dance Studio Instruction

2200 Morriss Road, Flower Mound, TX  75028                     (972) 355-JAZZ

8. Location

THDCI is conveniently located at 2200 Morriss Road, Suite 100, Flower Mound - just minutes from the Flower Mound Community Activity Center (CAC) and Gerault Park.   Located north of the intersection of FM 3040 and Morriss Road, we continue to be easily-accessible from many areas.  Our facility is in a safe area, with a well-lit parking lot that has plenty of parking.  We are in the same shopping center as Alforno's Italian Restaurant, and close to a Kroger Market, CVS Pharmacy, Starbucks Coffee, and Jake's Burgers. 

6. Established, well-respected program

THDCI has been in the Lewisville/Flower Mound area for more than 45 years.  We are proud to have had generations of families come through our program. Our graduates can be found all over the United States, excelling in many fields from the Entertainment Industry to Corporate Management. Our Directors at THDCI continue to stay connected to the dance community throughout the country, which is important to keep THDCI progressive and part of the national dance “buzz”.  We are regularly recommended by the national dance community as “the place to go in Dallas for great dance training”.

4. Facility

THDCI’s dance rooms all have viewing windows. Three of our dance rooms have been constructed with sprung wood floors and the other two rooms with cushioned Marley – both of these types of flooring help to reduce the risk of injury and shock to the body from constant physical activity. Not all studios choose to invest in these types of advanced flooring to protect your child.